Sash Windows Hastings Offer Double Glazed Windows

Maintaining the authentic appearance of timber windows is important and this does not need to be compromised for your East Sussex home to be more energy efficient and less costly to heat. Getting Sash Windows Hastings double glazing for your windows you can also be assured that the security levels that they make available will as well swell.


To achieve a double glazed window without major disruption to the property in East Sussex, we will deftly switch the original sash with a bespoke double glazed design. Sash Windows Hastings make available a big assortment of double glazed sash windows that can compliment any style of property. All Sash Windows Hastings double glazed windows are proven to meet the standards of current building regulations.

Double Glazed Sash Windows in Hastings, East Sussex


Your East Sussex home is guaranteed to see the advantages of sound and draft proofing with double glazed sash windows along with easier maintenance and improved heat retention. To reduce the overall cost of the project in East Sussex, the recommendation we offer is slim double glazed sashes that will be initiated right to your remaining window frame. At Sash Windows Hastings we know It is now nearly impossible to install single glazed sash windows in a property because of modern building regulations.

At Sash Windows Hastings we believe that lowered energy bills and up to a 30% higher level of effectiveness can be expected, along with easier maintenance in the future. Sash Windows Hastings are able to retain the character, appeal and loveliness of the conventional sash window with both our replacement or repair services. At Sash Windows Hastings we are able to offer you many courses to heighten your energy saving measures, including double glazing, replacement timbers or moreover, complete renovation of.

The traditional East Sussex sash windows are single glazed with the glass fitted on the outside and rebated on the inside. To comply with part L of the building regulation in East Sussex, we manufacture and install complete new windows with slim, double glazed units.

Sash Windows Hastings windows are so authentic that they are often indistinguishable from the original, single paned sash, offering a truly traditional look. Sash Windows Hastings double glazed sash windows work to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.