Sash Windows Hastings Install and Repair Heritage Sash Windows

You period property will have a set of building demands which must be adhered to and which Sash Windows Hastings will accommodate when we install your heritage box windows.

Obtaining permission to work on listed buildings can sometimes prove difficult because of the historic status they can hold in communities but Sash Windows Hastings can assist with this. You'll never be able to tell the difference if you call Sash Windows Hastings in to replicate and replace your box sash windows.

Elegant Heritage Sash Windows in Bexhill

When applying for planning, the use of modern materials such as those used by Sash Windows Hastings shouldn't present an issue as long as they are in keeping with the present style.

Sash Windows Hastings will always keep our products faithful to the style and period of your property and so every element is constructed with care. If you reside in a preserved or protected area then planning authorities will have to be enlightened before any windows may be renovated but Sash Windows Hastings can assist with this.

Expert Heritage Sash Windows Installers in Crowhurst

The heritage box windows that Sash Windows Hastings will provide for your property are always of a standard that we can be proud of.

Getting a modern and superior quality Sash Windows Hastings replacement window is an excellent option due to the fact that poor workmanship can compromise your historic property as has been known to arise previously . If required for your property, conservation approval is supposed to be obtained before work of any kind can be carried out by Sash Windows Hastings.


You may be living interior of a protection locality in East Sussex if the buildings are of historical or architectural importance and need to be preserved.

Being sympathetic to the design of your current windows is something Sash Windows Hastings will always think about when working on heritage box windows. You will be able to spend more time enjoying what your East Sussex home has to offer if you are no longer staining and painting your current box windows.

Sash Windows Hastings are a Hastings East Sussex based company

Even if you can't tell the variation by contemplating the work carried out by Sash Windows Hastings, you will notice the benefits your new box windows offer from better energy effectiveness and noise disruption to reduced condensation and draughts.

You will be in a position to authentically replace your windows of any colour or design with our heritage box windows which won't affect the period appeal of your East Sussex home. If you're looking to have windows installed in a listed or heritage site, period home or conservation area then the heritage box windows on offer in Sash Windows Hastings collection are ideal.